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Bitfinex Zero-Cost Deposits for Turkey Customers – Get All the Benefits Now!

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• Bitfinex Turkey has partnered with Vakıfbank to offer zero-cost deposits and no-fee withdrawals for up to 2 million TRY.
• Customers can deposit TRY directly from their bank account at zero cost via the Bitfinex Turkey web platform or mobile app.
• There is also a six-month promotion offering reduced fees for the TRY/USDT pair.

Bitfinex Introduces Zero-Cost Deposits in Turkey

Bitfinex Turkey has announced a partnership with local banking giant Vakıfbank, enabling customers to deposit Turkish Lira (TRY) without any cost. The crypto exchange has also unveiled a six-month promotional offer of reduced fees for its TRY/USDT trading pair.

Zero Cost Deposits

The zero-cost deposits are available immediately on the Bitfinex Turkey web platform and mobile app. This new service will make it easier for customers of Bitfinex Turkiye to access the cryptocurrency market. In addition, Bitfinex customers in Turkey can also benefit from no fee withdrawals up to 2 million TRY.

Six Month Promotion

To sweeten the deal even further, Bitfinex is offering a six month promotion that reduces fees on its TRY/USDT trading pair. This will enable customers to enjoy more value when they use this currency pair while trading on the exchange platform.

Competition in Turkish Market

Although Binance currently dominates the Turkish market, other competitors such as Bitget and OKX have recently been increasing their presence in the country as well. With this new partnership, Bitfinex hopes to gain an edge over these competitors and expand their customer base in this region of the world.


This new partnership between Bitfinex Turkey and Vakıfbank offers great potential benefits for customers looking to deposit Turkish Lira without any cost or withdrawal fees up to 2 million TRY with reduced fees for trading pairs like TRY/USDT. It remains to be seen whether this move will help them take advantage of their competitors in this competitive market or not!

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