Historic record: NFT sales break 600 million US dollars Non-fungible token (NFT) trading is growing exponentially and more and more prominent people want a piece of the pie. At the same time, sales of Immediate Edge blockchain technology-based tokens have surpassed $600 million in revenue for the first time in history – what happened this […]

Sønnen til den berømte investoren og den kjente Bitcoin-kritikeren Peter Schiff sier at investeringsporteføljen nå er 100% Bitcoin, til tross for farens ‚bearish‘-ness. Bitcoin Over Gold Sønnen til den legendariske investoren og den beryktede Bitcoin (BTC) -kritikeren Peter Schiff avslørte at han solgte sølvet sitt for å gå all-in på BTC. I en tweet 10. […]

DeFi exploits and attacks have become increasingly commonplace as space evolves and attracts both money and participants. The latest of these attacks took place today – over $ 14 million of crypto was stolen. Furucombo attacked Furucombo, an Ethereum-based transaction “batching” protocol (for instructions on how to buy Ethereum via Paypal ), announced this morning […]