Historic record: NFT sales break 600 million US dollars

Non-fungible token (NFT) trading is growing exponentially and more and more prominent people want a piece of the pie. At the same time, sales of Immediate Edge blockchain technology-based tokens have surpassed $600 million in revenue for the first time in history – what happened this week? The NFT Monitor.

NFT are booming and many cryptocurrencies related to the novel tokens have gone through the roof in recent weeks. Most notable here are Flow (FLOW), Enjin (ENJ) and Chiliz (CHZ), which have grown between 500 and 1,000 percent since the beginning of 2021 alone.

But that’s not all, the entire NFT sector was able to reach another milestone this week and according to cryptoslam.io, the total turnover of non-fungible tokens now amounts to over 600 million US dollars.

Currently, the NBA Top Shot project by Dapper Labs dominates the sector. With a total trading volume of over 335 million US dollars, the NFT project based on the Flow Blockchain is currently outperforming all other blockchains.

2.5 million US dollars for a tweet

The hype about individual NFT collectibles continues – thanks also to Twitter boss Jack Dorsey. He has come up with the idea of tokenising the first tweet ever on Twitter on the Ethereum Blockchain. Dorsey has long been considered a great friend of cryptocurrencies and has repeatedly demonstrated this in the past through his commitment to Bitcoin.

At press time, the highest bid for the NFT tweet, which made history as the first tweet on 21 March 2006, is the equivalent of US$2.5 million. Sina Estavi, CEO of Bridge Oracle, is the highest bidder at the moment. Shortly before that, Justin Sun, founder of the cryptocurrency Tron, was the highest bidder with a bid of two million US dollars. The auction is scheduled to end on 21 March, the 15th anniversary of Twitter’s founding.

Kings of Leon raise US$2 million with NFT sale

Rock band Kings of Leon began selling the new album When You See Yourself as a non-fungible token on 5 March. According to the NFT marketplace Opensea, this allowed the band to raise 1.45 million US dollars in just five days.

However, Rolling Stone reported that a representative of the band estimates the proceeds to be over two million US dollars, of which 600,000 US dollars will go to the Crew Nation Fund to support live musicians struggling due to the Corona pandemic.

Besides Kings of Leon, other musicians are also trying their hand at NFT collaborations. Whether pop singer Shawn Mendes, Canadian singer Grimes or Linkin Park’s rapper Mike Shinoda – they all see potential in NFT.

In Germany, Fynn Kliemann is a representative of the NFT boom in the music world. The multi-talent recently launched „Jingele“, a project based on the Ethereum Blockchain. If you want to learn more about this project, check out our interview with Fynn Kliemann.

Sønnen til den berømte investoren og den kjente Bitcoin-kritikeren Peter Schiff sier at investeringsporteføljen nå er 100% Bitcoin, til tross for farens ‚bearish‘-ness.

Bitcoin Over Gold

Sønnen til den legendariske investoren og den beryktede Bitcoin (BTC) -kritikeren Peter Schiff avslørte at han solgte sølvet sitt for å gå all-in på BTC.

I en tweet 10. mars sa Schiff at sønnen hans, kalt Spencer, „kjøpte dipen“ ettersom BTC nylig falt under $ 43.000. BTC-kritikeren anklaget sønnen for å være „hjernevasket“ og sammenlignet ham med andre „sårbare barn“ som kan være „HODLing til uendelig eller byste.“

Nyhetene kan virke som ironiske for medlemmer av kryptovaluta-samfunnet, som er godt klar over den eldre Schiffs forakt for rommet.

Faktisk, da topp-kryptovalutaen dyppet fra den nylige høyden på $ 58.640,77, bemerket senior Schiff Grayscale Bitcoin Trust dårlige ytelse.

Den selvutropte „gull-bug“ pekte på GBTCs 10% nedgang og samlet 11% rabatt på sin netto aktivaverdi (NAV). Dette, foreslo han, viste at investorer kanskje hadde trukket seg ut av BTC til fordel for gull.

Selv om markedet nå med rimelighet kunne motargumentere dette poenget, gitt den øverste kryptokurrencyens sterke rebound. Faktisk, på pressetid, ligger BTC på $ 57,616.11, litt over $ 1000 unna sin heltidshøyde.

Hjernevasket eller hjernebølge?

Mens Schiff, senior, foreslår hjernevask som den eneste logiske begrunnelsen for å kjøpe BTC, ser det ut til at meningens vekt er mot ham.

Ikke bare har kryptovalutamarkedet steget i verdsettelse, men kapitaltilførselen kommer fra den klasse Peter Schiff er en del av.

I forrige uke avslørte en undersøkelse av Goldman Sachs ‚klienter at 22% av investorene tror at BTC vil nå $ 100.000 innen 2022. Wall Street-giganten valgte å ikke ignorere deres betalende (og velstående) klientell, og bestemte seg for å gjenåpne kryptovalutahandelsskranken.

Følgelig vil handelsdisken tillate gigantens kunder å investere i kryptovalutaer og prosjekter og bedrifter i rommet. Avgjørelsen følger lignende trekk av JP Morgan og BNY Mellon. Sistnevnte, Amerikas eldste bank, kunngjorde en krypto-depot-tjeneste for sine kunder i forrige måned.

Derfor kan junior Schiff faktisk være den eneste som ser realiteten i situasjonen, som investorer all-eye eye cryptos.


Likevel er det bekymringer for at Bitcoins meteoriske vekst har utløst en utbredt følelse av eufori. Når utenforstående ser inn i rommet, utvikler noen en følelse av å gå glipp av (FOMO).

I kryptorommet, „FOMO følger høst“ når sene deltakere klatrer for å hente sin del av kaken. Det fører uunngåelig til enorm volatilitet som markedet aldri opprettholder på kort sikt, som senior senior Schiff sier.

På den annen side tror mange i samfunnet (inkludert Spencer Schiff) og den vanlige investeringsverdenen at denne gangen er annerledes. Bare tiden vil vise hvilken som er riktig.

For øyeblikket ser Bitcoin ut til å være klar til å fortsette sin månerettede reise.

DeFi exploits and attacks have become increasingly commonplace as space evolves and attracts both money and participants. The latest of these attacks took place today – over $ 14 million of crypto was stolen.

Furucombo attacked

Furucombo, an Ethereum-based transaction “batching” protocol (for instructions on how to buy Ethereum via Paypal ), announced this morning that the platform had been exploited and asked users to suspend all permissions as a precautionary measure.

The tool is designed for end users to optimize their DeFi strategy using a simple „drag-and-drop“ mechanism. The tool enables users who cannot code but understand the DeFi Markets to create and execute their own strategies.

The log experienced an exploit this morning. „We have deauthorized the relevant components and believe that the vulnerability is patched, but we recommend users to remove the shares out of sheer caution,“ said Furucombo in a tweet.

According to The Block researcher Igor Igamberdiev, the attacker was able to carry out the exploit by tricking Furucombo’s smart contracts into trusting and processing a fake data set belonging to the decentralized lending service Aave – a protocol that does Allows users to take out loans with collateral (or flash loans without collateral).

„An attacker who used a fake contract made Furuсombo believe that Aave v2 has a new implementation,“ Igamberdiev said in a tweet. As a result, all interactions with “Aave v2” were “approved” and sent to an address controlled by the hacker.

On-chain data also shows that the attacker transferred the funds of every user who “approved” Furucombo to conduct transactions on his behalf – and that resulted in over $ 14 million being stolen.

Over 3,900 stETH (a staked Ethereum token) and $ 2.4 million in stablecoin USDC were hit. The attackers have transferred their illegally obtained stash to the privacy mixer Tornado Cash – a tool that masks addresses and allows users to exchange cryptocurrencies (for instructions on how to buy Bitcoin with PayPal ) on the chain.

Users should be compensated

Hsuan-Ting, the CEO of Dinngo crypto exchange, the company that builds and maintains Furucombo, says the company is taking responsibility for the attack and is asking users not to worry about their losses.

“We calculate how much is lost,” says Hsuan-Ting.


“We keep everyone up to date. Together we are stronger.“

Meanwhile, Julien Bouteloup of Curve Finance said on Twitter that such “evil contracts” exploits are apparently the new “holy grail”.

He is likely referring to previous attacks on Alpha Finance and Pickle Finance, in which a similar „nasty contract“ pulled millions of dollars in cryptocurrencies by getting the logs to approve and accept bogus contracts.

At that time, however, the projects were able to avert further damage.

USDC, The $ 6 Billion Stablecoin, has finally launched into the Stellar ecosystem.

Visa previously announced that the company will connect its global payments network to the USDC.

Using USDC on the Stellar blockchain is believed to transact faster and cheaper than on Bitcoin Lifestyle.

The Stellar Development Foundation (SDF) and Circle have revealed that the US Dollar (USDC) asset is indeed on the Stellar Network.

Circle, the leading fintech company behind USDC’s development , is often cited as a pro-regulation organization. In a blog post on Tuesday , February 2 , the foundation explained that users can access USDC through Stellar’s decentralized exchange and five wallets built into Stellar.

The USDC can be negotiated with six pairs of stablecoins on the entire ecosystem of 9000 assets of Stellar . As for the developers, they have the possibility of accepting payments without limits.

They can also issue programmable payments, create markets, and later receive a return on top of their balance through a special free API service provided by Circle.

Credit card giant accelerated the launch of USDC

The foundation and the Center Consortium announced Stellar as the official USDC chain in October 2020. This should reduce stablecoin’s reliance on the Ethereum blockchain .

The number of USDC tokens in circulation has doubled since the credit card company Visa partnered with Circle to integrate USDC into its payment network of 60 million merchants.

Notably, over the past year, the USDC’s market capitalization has jumped over 1,000% . That’s an increase of more than ten times. Meanwhile, the total number of operations on the Stellar network has exceeded 1.5 billion. And last year, it saw 104% year-over-year growth, according to the announcement.

Speaking to Forbes , Denelle Dixon of the Stellar Development Foundation said that Stellar needs a strong and stable asset:

„We want to make cross-border payments quickly, this will help provide scale.“

A new age

The SDF also revealed that ecosystem companies FinClusive, Stably and JST will provide liquidity and on / off ramps. In turn, six additional platforms, including Wyre, will connect USDC to their payment transactions. The Stellar Development Foundation recently invested $ 5 million in Wyre.

Commenting on these collaborations, Dixon said:

“This integration will be an engine of growth in the Stellar ecosystem towards achieving our mission of creating equitable access to the global financial system. It presents significant business opportunities for new and existing businesses to leverage the respective strengths of USDC and Stellar. “

Following his statement, Jeremy Allaire, President and CEO of Circle, pointed out that Stellar is creating „a new generation of financial applications :“

“Having a stable and transparent dollar, like USDC, in the marketplace and available in Circle’s API service suite for payments and treasury operations will help accelerate the pace and scale of these innovations.”

Cryptocurrency exchange CoinMENA has received a license from the Bank of Bahrain and a Shariah compliance certificate from Shariyah Review Bureau (SRB). This was stated in a press release.

The trading platform will operate in countries in the Middle East and Africa, including Bahrain, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Oman.

„We plan to become one of the prominent Profit Revolution global players. To achieve this, we will expand the number of assets and jurisdictions supported,“ CoinMENA said.

Once launched, five cryptocurrencies will be available to CoinMENA users: bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Ripple (XRP), Litecoin (LTC) and Bitcoin Cash (BCH). The exchange will also offer over-the-counter trading services to customers.

As a reminder, Bangladesh made its first blockchain transaction under Shariah law in early 2021.

El precio de Bitcoin extendió su rally y se negoció a un nuevo máximo histórico por encima de 37.500 dólares.

El etéreo superó los 1.200 dólares y está mostrando signos positivos, el XRP rompió la resistencia de 0,250 dólares y subió más del 30%.
XLM, XEM y ADA han subido más del 20%.

Después de un nuevo brote alcista por encima de 35.000 dólares, el precio de Bitcoin comenzó una nueva subida. BTC rompió la resistencia de 36.000 dólares y extendió su rally por encima de 37.000 dólares. Se negoció a un nuevo máximo histórico cerca de 37.700 dólares y actualmente (05:00 UTC) se está consolidando por encima de 37.000 dólares.
Del mismo modo, hubo un fuerte movimiento alcista en la mayoría de las principales monedas alternativas, incluyendo el etéreo, EOS, XRP, XLM, LINK, BNB, OMG, NEO, TRX, bitcoin cash, DOT, litecoin y ADA. ETH/USD superó el obstáculo de los 1.150 dólares e incluso superó la resistencia de los 1.200 dólares. También, XRP/USD comenzó una fuerte recuperación y superó los niveles de resistencia de USD 0,250 y USD 0,280.

Capitalización total del mercado

El precio de Bitcoin

Después de un cierre por encima del nivel de 35.000 dólares, el precio del bitcoin ganó impulso alcista por encima de los niveles de resistencia de 35.500 y 36.000 dólares. BTC subió más del 10% e incluso rompió la resistencia de 37.000 dólares. Se formó un nuevo máximo histórico cerca de USD 37.700 y el precio se está consolidando actualmente por encima de USD 37.000. Un nuevo aumento podría llevar el precio hacia los niveles de 38.000 y 38.250 dólares.
En el lado negativo, un soporte inicial está cerca del nivel de 36.800 dólares. El primer gran apoyo parece estar formándose cerca de los 36.200 dólares.

Precio del etéreo

El precio del etéreo siguió una fuerte ola alcista y rompió un par de obstáculos importantes cerca de 1.150 y 1.180 dólares. ETH incluso superó el nivel de 1.200 dólares y alcanzó un nuevo máximo mensual por encima de 1.220 dólares. Si hay más alzas, los toros podrían probar los niveles de 1.280 y 1.300 dólares.

Si hay una corrección a la baja, el precio podría encontrar ofertas cercanas a los niveles de 1.180 y 1.140 dólares. El primer soporte se está formando ahora cerca del nivel de 1.100 dólares.

El precio de Bitcoin cash, litecoin y XRP

El precio en efectivo de Bitcoin rompió la resistencia de 432 dólares para iniciar un nuevo aumento. El BCH fue capaz de superar los niveles de 440 y 450 dólares. El precio se está negociando ahora en una zona alcista por encima de los 450 dólares y podría seguir subiendo hasta los niveles de 465 y 470 dólares. Por el contrario, una corrección podría encontrar ofertas cerca de los niveles de USD 432 y USD 430.

Litecoin (LTC) está subiendo constantemente por encima de los niveles de 155 y 160 dólares. LTC parece estar enfrentando una fuerte resistencia cerca de los USD 170 y USD 172. Un cierre por encima del nivel de 172 dólares podría acelerar las ganancias. En el caso indicado, el precio podría derivar fácilmente hacia los niveles de 185 y 190 dólares.

El precio XRP comenzó una fuerte ola de recuperación después de una breve consolidación por encima del soporte de 0,212 dólares. El precio subió más de un 30% y rompió muchos obstáculos cerca de los 0,250 y 0,280 dólares. Incluso superó los 0,300 dólares y parece que el precio podría corregirse a corto plazo.

Otros mercados de monedas alternativas hoy

Muchos altcoins ganaron más del 15%, incluyendo XLM, XEM, ADA, REN, QTUM, EOS, UMA, NEO, LINK, DCR, TRX, y BTG. De estos, XLM retuvo las ganancias y se está negociando por encima del nivel de 0,35 dólares.

En general, el precio de la moneda de bits está extendiendo su subida por encima de los 37.000 dólares. Si BTC se mantiene estable por encima de 36.800 y 36.000 dólares, hay posibilidades de que se mueva por encima de 38.000 dólares.

Bitcoin dominance has probably reached its peak, says Michaël van de Poppe. Now the season of the top 10 altcoins is approaching us.

Bitcoin ( BTC ) fell below $ 26,000 on December 29. The effects of the looming litigation between Ripple and the US securities regulator were felt across the crypto market.

gView show the BTC / USD pair hit a low of $ 25,830 over the course of Tuesday

The support at $ 27,000 did not hold overnight, triggering a retest of the lower levels. Now the $ 26,000 level becomes important. Over the weekend, Cryptosoft scam hit all-time highs of $ 28,400 and quickly declined.

The XRP is the fourth largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization and the decision of the major US exchange Coinbase to suspend trading from next month left clear marks. The coin fell to $ 0.23. If the SEC’s lawsuit against the token is successful, XRP will be classified as an unlicensed security and trading in it will be illegal.

„There will be a range after which there will most likely be another breakout in 2021,“ summarized Cointelegraph Markets analyst Michaël van de Poppe in a video update on Monday about the short-term development of Bitcoin.

Analyst sees old season coming

Van de Poppe predicts that altcoins will be next big hit. Apart from the XRP, the market is already lively. Ether ( ETH ) climbed above $ 700 this week for the first time since May 2018 .

Another winner on Tuesday was Polkadot (DOT). It is currently the seventh largest token by market capitalization and has seen a 22.5 percent increase over the day. He made an increase of almost 34 percent over the week.

For Van de Poppe, the next „wave of impulses“ will probably bring Bitcoin to $ 40,000 or $ 50,000 in 2021. But „by then, altcoins will most likely do well“.

He also pointed to a likely peak in Bitcoin market cap dominance. It is almost 70 percent and will soon have to give way to altcoins. BTC dominance usually peaks in December. A notable comparison is 2017, when Bitcoin first attempted to break the $ 20,000 mark.

Grap Finance Claims Verantwoordelijkheid voor $4M Cover Protocol Hack, Retour fondsen

De Cover Protocol hack werd net interessanter, omdat Grap Finance de verantwoordelijkheid voor de aanval opeist en zegt dat Cover de volgende keer „hun eigen sh*t“ moet afhandelen.

Cover Protocol verloor bijna $ 4 miljoen aan een uitbuiting eerder vandaag als hackers ontdekte een manier om zichzelf te belonen COVER tokens op wil. Na de hackers verkocht de fondsen op 1inch, de token’s waarde Crypto Bull tanked rond 95% van $ 859 tot $ 50 voor het herstellen van een beetje.

Grap Finance Bespaart Dekking

Het geval zag verdere ontwikkelingen slechts enkele uren geleden toen de ontwikkelaars van Grap Finance een tweet postten waarin ze de verantwoordelijkheid voor de aanval opeisten.

Grap Finance devs onthulde dat ze alle fondsen hadden teruggegeven en geen winst hadden gemaakt, waarbij ze botweg verklaarden dat het project in de toekomst zelf voor hun kwetsbaarheden zou moeten zorgen.

Grap-ontwikkelaars gingen niet in op de achterliggende gedachte van de aanval, en het is mogelijk dat deze gericht was op een publiciteitsstunt.

De Grap-gemeenschap heeft zich grotendeels in de hack gemengd, waarbij Twittergebruikers de Grap devs „madlads“ en „based“ noemen. Sommigen gingen zelfs zo ver dat ze zeiden dat de aanval Cover „redde“ door te wijzen op de uitbuiting en de fondsen terug te geven, ondanks de impact die de aanval had op de penninghouders.

Ondertussen laat CoinGecko zien dat de GRAP-munt vandaag de dag meer dan 4.537% is gestegen. De koersstijging is waarschijnlijk een combinatie van een nieuwe notering op de MXC beurs en publiciteit rond hun publieke aanval op Cover.

Bitcoin peut-il s’imposer avec ce qui se passe dans le monde cette année ? Il a certainement le potentiel pour le faire, étant donné les circonstances dans lesquelles nous nous sommes trouvés.

L’intérêt pour les cryptocurrences a atteint un sommet en 2020 en raison de la pandémie. Aujourd’hui, il y a plus de gens que jamais qui s’intéressent à Bitcoin.

La cryptocouronne est de plus en plus reconnue comme un moyen de paiement valable. Nous avons dressé une liste des raisons pour lesquelles nous prévoyons que le Crypto Code deviendra une monnaie courante acceptée dans le monde entier dans les deux prochaines années.

1. Plus de sociétés l’acceptent comme moyen de paiement

Ces dernières années, on a assisté à une expansion des entreprises traditionnelles qui mettent en œuvre des systèmes pouvant accepter les bitcoins comme moyen de paiement. Ce n’est plus seulement une chose qui ne sera reconnue que par des personnes louches qui rôdent sur le web. Il est en passe de devenir la première monnaie cryptographique largement reconnue dans le monde.

Plusieurs entreprises du Fortune 500 ont annoncé, testé et mis en place des systèmes permettant de payer avec Bitcoin, et l’on s’attend à ce que vous puissiez acheter à peu près n’importe quoi en l’utilisant à l’avenir.

L’époque où l’on utilisait Bitcoin uniquement pour les transactions en ligne et pour acquérir des objets auprès d’autres amateurs de Bitcoin est révolue depuis longtemps. Vous devriez bientôt pouvoir entrer dans n’importe quel café franchisé et payer votre café au lait en utilisant cette monnaie cryptographique.

2. Elle est devenue plus importante ces dernières années

L’utilisation des bitcoins a connu une croissance exponentielle depuis le premier achat en 2009. Après l’événement célèbre qui a consisté à payer 10 000 bitcoins pour une pizza en 2010, il est juste de dire que les bitcoins ont grandi et changé.

Il était difficile de ne pas entendre parler de Bitcoin il y a quelques années seulement, quand il semble que tout le monde parlait de l’exploitation minière de Bitcoin comme d’un moyen de s’enrichir rapidement, et qu’après cela, il a glorieusement échoué et n’en a plus jamais parlé.

Mais ce n’est pas le reflet de l’état actuel de Bitcoin, qui est de plus en plus reconnu à chaque seconde. Les distributeurs automatiques de bitcoin font leur apparition, et des plateformes comme NordikCoin permettent d’obtenir plus facilement des bitcoins. De plus en plus de magasins en ligne, de restaurants et de services de livraison offrent la possibilité de payer leurs biens et services à l’aide de Bitcoin.

3. Les frais de transaction

Le problème avec les transactions Bitcoin est qu’elles sont pratiquement sur un curseur – vous pouvez choisir la vitesse de la transaction. Plus la transaction est rapide, plus les frais sont élevés. Cela semble certainement plus intéressant qu’un frais bancaire standard, qui est toujours le même, et la vitesse de la transaction dépend de multiples facteurs.

Les transactions par bitcoin sont beaucoup plus rapides que celles qui passent par le système bancaire – et ce qui est encore mieux, c’est que vous pouvez transférer des bitcoins à n’importe quel moment de la journée, n’importe où dans le monde, en quelques minutes. Le processus est beaucoup plus facile et rapide, et moins coûteux que d’attendre plusieurs jours pour obtenir une autorisation bancaire afin d’effectuer une simple transaction.

4. Anonymat

Les achats avec Bitcoin peuvent être effectués sans fournir aucune information personnelle, ce que certains considèrent comme un avantage, car ils souhaitent que leurs achats ou transactions en ligne soient privés. Cela ne garantit pas un anonymat total, car votre activité est toujours enregistrée dans la chaîne de blocage et pourrait éventuellement être retracée si quelqu’un le souhaitait vraiment.

Toutefois, il s’agit toujours d’une activité beaucoup plus privée que les virements bancaires ou l’utilisation de cartes de crédit, et cela devrait contribuer à faire du bitcoin une monnaie courante. Certaines personnes aiment que leur vie en ligne soit privée, et l’utilisation de Bitcoin leur permet de le faire. Ainsi, de nombreuses personnes pourraient se diriger vers l’utilisation de Bitcoin comme moyen de fournir un niveau d’anonymat qu’elles exigent.

5. Vous pouvez l’obtenir sans quitter votre domicile

L’époque où l’obtention de Bitcoin était une procédure longue et compliquée est révolue. Obtenir des bitcoins n’a jamais été aussi facile ; vous pouvez le faire à partir de presque n’importe quel appareil et dans le confort de votre maison. Aujourd’hui, la procédure est rapide et simple, et vous pouvez obtenir des bitcoins à toute heure du jour ou de la nuit.

C’est particulièrement vrai avec des plateformes comme NordikCoin, qui vous permettent d’acquérir votre portefeuille de Bitcoin et d’y mettre un peu de Bitcoin en quelques minutes. NordikCoin est une bourse aux bitcoins basée en Estonie qui vous permet d’obtenir des bitcoins rapidement et facilement.

Après avoir créé un compte, ce qui ne devrait pas prendre plus de quelques minutes, il vous suffit de saisir le montant de la devise que vous souhaitez investir dans Bitcoin et vos coordonnées VISA ou MasterCard.

En quelques minutes, vous obtiendrez un portefeuille crypté gratuit et le montant total de ce que vous avez investi, désormais converti en Bitcoin.

En conclusion

Il ne fait aucun doute que Bitcoin sera de plus en plus reconnu par les grandes entreprises et les gens ordinaires qui commencent à voir les avantages de son utilisation. C’est pourquoi il est bon d’y investir dès maintenant, et l’utilisation de plateformes comme NordikCoin rend les choses beaucoup plus faciles et plus simples.

On prévoit que l’utilisation de Bitcoin deviendra plus importante dans les deux prochaines années, et peut-être qu’un jour, pas trop lointain, vous pourrez utiliser un seul portefeuille – le portefeuille virtuel – avec Bitcoin.

Avec les avantages de Bitcoin comme l’anonymat amélioré, les transactions plus rapides et le fait que les virements sont disponibles à tout moment, on peut dire sans risque que Bitcoin sera bientôt couramment utilisé pour les achats quotidiens.

Cynthia Lummis è un’appassionata di Bitcoin dal 2013 ed è determinata a mettere il cripto in prima linea nel dibattito politico americano.

Gli americani hanno appena eletto Cynthia Lummis (R) come loro prima senatrice pro bitcoin donna, e lei sembra pronta a fare la storia.

Lummis (R) è diventata senatrice eletta dallo Stato del Wyoming dopo aver battuto il candidato democratico Mike Enzi. Ha una lunga e ben nota carriera in politica, ma pochi sanno del suo orgoglioso passato di Hodler bitcoin.

E la storia di Lummis non sembra bloccata Cryptosoft nel passato. Il nuovo senatore è disposto a dare un futuro migliore all’ecosistema Bitcoin inserendo il dibattito sui benefici dell’adozione del Bitcoin nell’agenda politica statunitense.

Cynthia Lummis vuole mettere Bitcoin in cima al dibattito politico
In un’intervista per il programma televisivo „Good Morning America“, Lummis ha parlato dei vantaggi della Bitcoin e del suo fascino come negozio di valore, cosa che ha imparato durante il suo ruolo di tesoriere di Stato del Wyoming.

Spero di portare il Bitcoin nella conversazione nazionale. Sono un ex tesoriere di Stato e ho investito i fondi permanenti del nostro Stato. Quindi sono sempre stato alla ricerca di un buon rapporto qualità-prezzo, e bitcoin si adatta a questo scopo.

Il senatore ha discusso di come la scarsità di Bitcoin fornisca un vantaggio competitivo rispetto all’inflazione del dollaro americano. Lummis ha detto che questa è una delle ragioni per cui ha deciso di investire nel Bitcoin come il miglior meccanismo di valore di stoccaggio.

Lumis ha spiegato che ci saranno solo 21 milioni di Bitcoin senza ulteriori emissioni. Ritiene che tale resistenza alla manipolazione sarà una componente significativa del dibattito geopolitico in futuro.

La nostra moneta si gonfia, il bitcoin no. 21 milioni di bitcoin saranno estratti, e questo è tutto. Si tratta di un’offerta finita, quindi sono fiducioso che sarà un attore importante nei negozi di valore per molto tempo a venire.

Cynthia Lummis aveva già espresso la sua preferenza per il Bitcoin. Durante la sua candidatura, ha rivelato di aver acquistato il suo primo Bitcoin nel 2013 dopo averne appreso le caratteristiche.

Ha detto che da allora il Bitcoin fa parte del suo portafoglio di investimenti, che lei paragona all’oro come mezzo per „preservare il valore relativo“ del suo lavoro nel tempo.

Durante la sua campagna, Lummis ha lanciato continui avvertimenti sulla politica inflazionistica del governo, soprattutto durante la pandemia di coronavirus. Ha parlato della necessità di creare soluzioni economiche che non riducano il potere d’acquisto del dollaro.

Bitcoin è davvero un deposito di valore?

Le parole di Cynthia Lummis sono certamente un sollievo e un sostegno per chi sostiene la Bitcoin. Per diversi anni, la natura di BTC è „mutata“ da essere principalmente denaro (qualcosa destinato ad essere speso) ad essere considerato un deposito di valore (qualcosa destinato ad essere conservato).

Nel corso del 2020 il Bitcoin è stato una riserva di valore migliore dell’oro. Infatti, è stato un investimento migliore della maggior parte delle materie prime in tempi di pandemia. Nel corso del 2020, il Bitcoin e l’oro hanno raggiunto una correlazione storica, che è già sfumata, con il Bitcoin che mostra una correlazione più alta con l’SP500 e altre attività speculative.

correlazioni tra Bitcoin e oro e tra Bitcoin e SP500
Borrelazioni tra Bitcoin e Gold e tra Bitcoin e SP500. Immagine: Coinmetrica
Tuttavia, uno studio di Fidelity ha rivelato che la Bitcoin si comporta in modo indipendente, quindi ci si aspetta che in alcuni momenti si correli con le riserve di valore, e in altri momenti si correla con le attività speculative.

Siamo entusiasti di condividere il secondo rapporto della nostra serie di tesi di investimento Bitcoin di @riabhutoria.

In questo articolo, esploriamo il ruolo del Bitcoin come investimento alternativo non correlato che può fornire benefici per l’ottimizzazione del portafoglio.

Si prega di scaricare: https://t.co/XRLQGSvFpw pic.twitter.com/xuLqS2zdm8

– Fidelity Digital Assets (@DigitalAssets) 13 ottobre 2020

Considerando quanto sopra, Cynthia Lummis potrebbe avere almeno in parte ragione su Bitcoin. E anche se la BTC è diversa da qualsiasi cosa abbiamo mai visto prima, le sue caratteristiche possono renderla una diversificazione del rischio accettabile per qualsiasi portafoglio.